Jingle Bell Hayride - Members

Jingle Bell Hayride - Special Instructions for Members of Friends of Kinder Farm Park

Friends of Kinder Fark Park who wish to apply their free hayride tickets toward discounts on the Jingle Bell Hayride, need to complete and submit the following form:

A single free hayride ticket can be applied toward a $5.00 discount on a paid ticket. A hayride administrator will contact you to provide you with a discount code(s) and instructions on how to use discounts codes when purchasing tickets.


  1. Children 3 and under are free (but must still be registered) and may be required to sit on the lap of an accompanying adult during the hayride.
  2. You must bring your free hayride tickets to the event check-in. If you forget the tickets, you will have to pay back discount at check-in.
  3. Park Gate fees still apply for this event.